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Michael has created performances for solo & ensemble mime, ranging from comedy, drama, abstract lyrical poetry, to more tender pieces; he often performs some of his best known solo performance pieces in a salon style home show. 


Photo Credits: Michael McIntyre

"It is always a gift to be able to see you perform. Your attention to detail of expression and movement lift out the laughter and emotion that your audience needs to experience and express. That was what the standing ovation was about! "

 - Rosalie Wright


Michael  Lee Originals 

Childrens Programs 


This, Uh...Body

Michael Lee has founded theater companies in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Austin, TX. Through these companies he has produced several full-length Mime Drama Performances, two of which have won awards and featured in the International Thespian Festival.



Titles of Michael's Full-Length

Mime Dramas can be found here 

The 45-minute Show makes audiences laugh out loud while age-appropriate themes show characters overcoming struggles, dealing with strangers, achieving goals, and even making pizza.  Great for Family Night too!

Mime Interactive Writing Program Between the performance pieces, students make notes, then afterward write and share their own stories, with plenty of discussion about understanding  and respect for another’s view.  

Mime and Physical Acting Workshops:

​Classes will remind students to take care of their bodies and move while learning the unique tools of mime - physical acting, movement styles, character attitudes, suspension and more...with the opportunity to create their own solo and group mime sketches!

“Michael Lee is an amazing, entertaining storyteller. What was so powerful was that the experience was one ALL students were able to enjoy because the themes were accessible to all.”
- Elementary Teacher

Opus​​ Mime


Living Statues

Previous clients include:

Motor City Hotel & Casino
Soaring Eagle Casino
Chelsea Sounds & Sights, Chelsea, MI
Michigan First Credit Union
Lathrup Village, MI

Start of Summer Festival, Rockford, MI​

We can portray any character to fit your event


re: "This, Uh...Body"

"The first thing that I noticed about the production was how well taught the kids were. There was a distinct fundamental style that they all adhered to (the one we learned in workshop), and it was frankly amazing to me that you were able to teach those young minds and bodies so much in so little time. Also, the importance of the concept of "Suspension" that you had spoke about in workshop was readily noticeable. In the large ensemble cast some people took on the suspension more than others, and those that had more suspension were vastly more compelling to watch---they held your attention as well as the tension of the narrative.
Speaking of the narrative, I loved the juxtaposition of ensemble and individual. It seemed like much of the story was about a mass of people who are indifferent to each other and indeed, look not-different from each other; then, when (seemingly) alone, they take on a whole unique character that becomes very selfish. Yes, lots of selfishness and all the different manifestations of that in your body (which often appear animalistic)."

~ Collin Bjork, actor, Austin, TX

Michael Lee Mime

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